I must be getting old. You see, it’s time for another Bright Ideas newsletter, where we remind people of the importance of shutting off lights, computers, monitors, fans, radios, printers and heaters when you leave for the day, or when you step away from your work area…and just how easy it is to do so.

In my youthful past…well, I just would have come right out and asked people to “GIVE A FLICK”, but now well…I just want people to show a little TLC.

Now, before you get all sentimental on me, allow me to explain.

You see, TLC (which stands for “thermostats, lights and controls” and has the tag line “Care to Conserve”…pretty snazzy, eh?) is UHN’s brand spanking new, integrated, comprehensive, free-range, 100% organically raised energy management program, that combines a little of the techie side of saving energy (you, know, installing light switches, tuning up the ventilation system and those sort of things) and a little of the people side of saving energy (you know, getting people to use those light switches, give us a call if the ventilation needs tuning up, and those sort of things).

And while we’re on the subject, TLC is actually not that brand spanking new…it’s already been in place for a year at TWH (where we’re seeing energy savings of about 5%, with greenhouse gas reductions of over 5,600 tonnes), it’s currently being rolled-out at TGH, and we’re just getting ready to bring a little TLC to PMH.

TLC’s goals are lofty (a 25% reduction in energy use), the plan is big…and we really need your help to get there. You see, as far as we can tell, nobody has really tried to implement a comprehensive energy management program like TLC, especially in a complex and diverse setting such as a hospital, so even though we have a pretty good idea of what we need to do, we’re doing a bit of learning and a lot of listening along the way. We need your feedback, we need your ideas, we need your eyes & ears…and we need you to Care to Conserve.

It’s easy:
● Got hands? Clean ‘em…but first turn off unused equipment and appliances (thanks Infection Prevention & Control).
● Submit an energy saving idea…let your Energy & Environment department know what opportunities you see to save energy at UHN…and you can send them all to our brand spanking new email address,
● Become a champion, inspire others, save the world…join the UHN GREEN TEAM.

And remember…isn’t it time you gave a FLICK (sorry, old habits die hard)?