Hello Cycling Enthusiasts,

I hope that winter is treating you well and biking has been plentiful.

We are only an email away
It has been a while since we were in touch – so if you have any comments or questions for Energy and Environment and/or the UHN cycling group please get in touch
By email

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You asked, did UHN win any sustainable transportation awards recently, and the answer is YES!!!
We received the 2009 SMART Commute Employer of the Year award in the Fall.

Other Green things at UHN
Please commit to caring for the environment by taking UHN’s online Greening Pledge.
Names will be displayed online to showcase the number of staff working together to conserve energy and the environment, thus creating a greener UHN. Take the pledge and show that you care!

Planning to give up your car?
University Health Network Employees receive Zipcar discounts for car sharing. You’ll receive a discounted flat rate of $8.75/hr, $66/day (24hrs) and $56/business day (7am – 7pm) Monday through Friday (includes evenings, excludes BMWs, Audis and convertibles). For More information visit: http://www.zipcar.com/uhn.

Upcoming Event
Save the Date April 22, 2010 Time: 3 -4:30 pm (Earth Day)

I am looking forward to getting MORE UHN staff on their bikes in 2010.