Hi Folks,

Spring has sprung and I invite YOU ALL to participate in two upcoming Earth minded events

• WWF Earth Hour: UNPLUG and connect with a friend – enjoy the much needed break from all things electronic!
Saturday March 27th 2010 – 8:30 pm

Once you have warmed up with that don’t forget to do something special at home and at work for the
• 40th anniversary of Earth Day
Thursday April 22, 2010

Kady will be promoting REUSE through the UHN virtual swap room, check it out on the UHN intranet message board as well as reducing the use of plastic at home


Here are a few suggestions:
If you are at UHN visit us on the intranet http://intranet.uhn.ca/departments/enviro/

1. Launch TLC Thermostats, Lights and Controls – UHN energy management program in your department
2. Get a bin for battery recycling
3. Get a compost bin and schedule to empty contents in central collection
4. Pack litterless lunches for a whole week or more
5. Use your travel mug every day
6. Host a lunch and learn in your department
7. Get everyone in your department to sign the UHN greening pledge online
8. Download and put up fresh UHN Recycling posters –

Let us know what you are up to and what we can do to help
Future generations will thank you!