One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Poetry

Believe it or not, there are some who, for whatever reason, don’t seem to get the same gleam in their eye, the same bounce in their step, the same song in their voice as I do when my thoughts turn to things trash. 

So, to help dispel this crazy, crazy myth that garbage, while undoubtedly important, is somewhat boring, somewhat mundane, I turn to the highest form of literacy…the fine art of poetry and give you…The Greening of UHN in Seventeen Syllables
(all apologies to anyone who knows anything about haiku, poetry or the English language)

Looking for things green?
Find all you could ever want
on the intranet.

Annual report…
Energy, Environment,
what we do all year.

And behind the scenes?
Greening Activities page
has details galore.

What are we doing
about those Styrofoam cups?
We’re working on it.

And L.E.D. lights?
Elevator forty-eight
in the Eaton Wing.

Show some T.L.C….
turn off lights and computers,
conserve energy.

Tired of traffic?
UHN Carpool Zone
will ease your commute.

Want to ride your bike?
Cycling at UHN page
will help start pedals.

As will UHN’s
Bicycle User Group’s (BUG),
thousand plus members.

There once was a recycling bin
From Nantucket…
(oh, wait…limericks are next issue).

Can we recycle
this or this or this or that?
Check out our posters.

Blue box recycling
And well beyond the blue box…
posters you can print.

Don’t forget compost,
as if stinky, rotting food
could slip someone’s mind.

Take fifteen seconds,
UHN’s Greening Pledge,
lead by example.

Want to help green more?
Join the
UHN Green Team
no meetings, free mug.

Outside UHN?
Our brand new
Talkin’ Trash blog
will keep you in touch.

It’s a good, good thing
I wrote these poems after
my P.E.S.

Links to the Inside Out
  • Hockey is cool. Helping people is cool too. It then follows that playing hockey to help people is the coolest of cool. Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer…too cool.
  • White Coat, Black Art goes green. This Saturday, September 18 at 11:00 am on CBC Radio One, listen to Dr. Nizar Mahomed weave his surgical expertise as a whole bunch o’ UHNers talk trash.