There are some pretty committed green team members at UHN. We have seen people digging through office garbage to help sort recyclables. Not recommended but if you are so inclined – please please be careful when sticking a tender hand into the unknown abyss of a garbage can.

There are green team members that bring in tea towels from home and wash them for their whole unit to try to eliminate the use of disposable paper towels.There are green team members that contact us when they see too many unused medical supplies getting pitched. In many cases we have reduced or eliminated the need for those items during procedures without compromising staff or patient safety.

But this week I need to tell you about Colin Gerard in Medical Imaging.
Over the last month he has rallied together individuals from out three hospitals, Mt. Sinai and Women’s College to help promote the green team at the Joint Department of Medical Imaging (JDMI) Education Day on September 30th. Together they have ensured that recycling and compost bins will be available for everyone. They will be hosting a raffle and a design contest for a UHN green team banner to be used at all future green team events across UHN. He has several slides that will be shown during breaks so the attendees remember to use the bins so kindly provided and visit the green team table to learn more about all the innovative ways Medical Imaging is greening.

If ever there was a case for the power of one Mr. Gerard has made UHN proud. His enthusiasm and perseverance had encouraged others to do the same and step by step we are seeing that green future emerge…or is that the green team in their green t-shirts?