Dr. Bob Bell…As Bright As Ever, But Way More Efficient

Dr. Bob Bell, UHN’s President and CEO, has stepped into the spotlight of the hospital’s energy efficient efforts.

While Bob has always made sure that his lights are off at the end of the day (don’t tell him, but I check), the recent installation of new, energy efficient “test” light bulbs has taken things to a whole new level.  LED MR16s (those little halogen cone thingies with the two pins) and latest generation dimmable compact fluorescent lights will help cut energy consumptions in Bob’s office by over 80%.

And if that wasn’t enough, similar changes were made in the meeting room next to Bob’s office, reducing its consumption by 85%.

Now, despite knowing that I’m about to open things up to “How many people does it take to change a light bulb at UHN?” jokes, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the changes would not have happened without the help of Ruth and Henry G., TGH Electrician Extraordinaire.

And, of course, the changes wouldn’t have happened without Bob himself…because we all know that CEO stands for Chief Energy Efficiency Officer, right?

‘Tis The Season For Saving Energy
(Fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa)

Ahhh, good ol’ winter.  Love it (spending a snow day tobogganing, playing shinny at the local rink and sipping free range hot cocoa) or not (spending a snow day stuck on a highway outside of Sarnia), it’s a part of living in this fantastic country of ours.

And as many of us take a few days off from work to celebrate the season with friends and family, here are a few seasonal energy saving reminders:

  • So…if you happen to be one of those people who are taking a few days off, please remember to turn off your lights as well as other equipment and appliances.
  • And, if you’re still one of those people who are taking a few days off, please remember to turn off (not just set for power saving mode) computers and monitors…even in power save mode, they’ll be consuming electricity.
  • Turning your home thermostat down by 1 degree can reduce your heating bill by as much as 3%, so if you’re out for the day, or at night…turn down and start saving.
  • Windows are great at letting the sun in, but not so good at keeping heat in your house…so open the drapes and blinds during the day to take advantage of that free solar energy, and shut them at night to keep all of that expensive heater energy in.
  • Looking for last minute gift ideas?  Who wouldn’t want a compact fluorescent bulb or programmable thermostat?  They’re the gifts that keep giving and giving energy efficiency year after year.

Remember, every dollar you don’t spend on your energy bill is another dollar to spend on free range hot cocoa…and every dollar that UHN doesn’t spend, is one that can go towards patient care.

A safe, happy and green holiday season to all!
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