Chivalry Is Green

We may be known in some circles for doing our part to shine a green light on healthcare in Ontario.  However that circle just got a little bigger thanks to an article published this week in Corporate Knights magazine, The Green Ward Results

As it turns out, based on a variety of environmental criteria UHN is ranked number one overall.  This is a proud moment for UHN because all our hard work is being noticed by some unusual suspects.  Corporate Knights’ mission is to humanize the marketplace which means they are really good at identifying leaders and innovators in corporate responsibility not to mention their annual compilation of the who’s who of the most sustainable corporations around the world. 

I invite you to congratulate your colleagues at UHN for their commitment to energy and water conservation, renewable energy, waste reduction and environmental preferable purchasing.  All the little things hundreds of staff do every day help to protect the environment and that is not easy to do. 

I also invite you to remind those same colleagues at UHN that the world is watching and we must continue to raise the bar and demonstrate to hospitals everywhere that “with life many things are remedied” so keenly observed by the Knight himself Don Quixote.

One thought on “Chivalry Is Green

  1. As you might suspect, as UHN’s Manager of Energy & Environment, I am thrilled with the recognition this provides to all of the staff who have worked in their own way towards greening UHN…well done!!!

    Also, congratulations to the other hospitals who submitted for the survey – as many know, the greening healthcare community is an open and sharing group, more than willing to pass on their knowledge and experiences to help colleagues. I have no doubt that the number of hospitals submitting for the survey will continue to grow, as will their scores which, even if it means not being number one (not that we’re planning on sitting back) is really better for everyone.


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