Jumping for the environment and our loyal readers

With our busy schedules, we don’t actually spend a lot of time together in the office. Usually, Ed is going one way as Kady is going the other. But, for you, our loyal readers, we thought it was important to make the occasional team appearance. So just before the holidays we got together for a photo shoot. We thought it would be fun to bundle ourselves up and head out into a freezing winter day – because nothing says environment like the great outdoors of downtown Toronto. Well, it gets better, because we decided that we should be “fun” and do a photo of us jumping. That’s how dedicated we are to the cause. Ok, it might also have occurred to us that we’d stay a lot warmer that way.

Timing camera shutter to leap turned out to be much harder than we’d anticipated. Who knew there were so many factors to consider – jump up from the ground or down from the bench? Click the shutter then jump? The other way? Or hardest of all, at the exact same moment? The results weren’t exactly what we were hoping for, so hey, why not share with the world?

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