For as long as I can remember we here at Energy and Environment have been asking staff to send in their Bright Ideas.

Lucky for us, staff at UHN like to think big and when we ask they are only to willing to oblige.  We get dozens of ideas every year and then we have the tough task of selecting one person to take home a small token of our appreciation in the form of a little gift bag of green treats.  This year…our task was made simple because Henry pictured below an Electrician extraordinaire at Toronto General Hospital single handedly found over 140,000 kWh ($14,000) of savings by upgrading inefficient lights across the whole hospital. 

In the Eaton Lobby alone seventeen 250W halogen bulbs were replaced by seventeen 25W self ballasted metal halide bulbs saving the hospital over $3000 a year.  This is not too good to be true. This and about 30 other bulb replacement projects have been keeping Henry very busy.

So the recipe for success:

1 staff person who is an expert in his field + the opportunity to make the changes = improvements that generations will benefit from. 

Don’t be shy UHN, if you have an idea…send it along, you just never know where your bright ideas may take you.