Kady: “Carpool, you are the sweetest, fastest, most fun part of my day”

Carpool: “ah shucks!”

Kady: “Carpool, I am so glad I found you.  Right there, all this time, just waiting for me on Carpool Zone.  Not just any Carpool Zone either, a Carpool Zone just for UHN.”

Carpool: “Kady there are dozens of staff carpooling at UHN.  But now that carpoolers get prizes and access to priority parking and stories about them in UHN News there are more then ever.”

Kady: “Prizes? What kind of prizes?”

Carpool: “Me, you, they, no I prizes.  Like iPad, iPod and iTunes. Each perfect in its own way for use during carpooling. Not to mention the best prize of all – great carpooling relationships.”

Kady: “Carpool what would I do without you?”

Carpool: “You would be sad and alone.”

Kady: “I love you carpool”

Carpool: “Meet your match at Carpool zone and fall in love with your commute.”

This Message brought to you by St. Valentine.