What has 750 heads and makes Managers of Energy & Environment all tingly inside? 

No, it’s not that leftover burrito at the back of the fridge that probably should have been composted instead of eaten (wrong kind of tingly, folks) it’s…CleanMed?


“CleanMed,” you ask, “what’s a CleanMed”?  No, it’s not what you need to help tidy things after eating that aforementioned tingly making burrito…its North America’s largest gathering on the greening of health care.  It’s a chance to listen to hospital CEOs talk about how greening has become an integral part of their organizations’ culture, a chance to listen to hospital CFOs detail how greening has saved their organizations money, and a chance for GPOs (group purchasing organizations) to provide an overview of how they’re using the greening culture of the organizations they work with to help save them money.


But best of all, participating in CleanMed this week gives me a chance to listen and speak with other Energy & Environment types about the ups and downs of greening in health care while catching-up on the ins and outs of the latest greening technologies and services on display in the exhibit hall.


CleanMed (www.cleanmed.org)…it’s presentations, posters, awards and a whole lotta people having lots and lots of greening health care conversations in between…and that’s what makes Managers of Energy & Environment all tingly inside.