Thanks for all the extra work, CleanMed

CleanMed still has a whole day to go and already my “to do” list for when I get back has grown…

In addition to all the things I mentioned in my previous blog from the conference, I came to CleanMed with two specific goals.  You see, Energy & Environment has a strategic plan (no random acts of greening here, folks) and two things I’ve been thinking about for some time (aka procrastinating) have been loading up on tools and ideas on how we can make green procurement work for UHN and developing a better way to track UHN’s greening progress.

And now, thanks to presentations from leading health systems such as Kaiser Permanente and Catholic Healthcare West as well as group purchasing organizations such as Novation, HealthTrust and MedAssests, I have loads of green procurement ideas, presentations and contacts to follow-up on.

As for tracking UHN’s greening progress, something I’ve always wanted to do but could never really figure out how (aka procrastinating), seeing what the Cleveland Clinic and the Ottawa Hospital are doing with the Global Reporting Initiative and the Green Guide for Health Care have inspired me to take another serious look at these tools and maybe, just maybe, start to work on bringing them at UHN.

So thanks for all the extra work CleanMed…I’m going to be busy when I get back.  No, really…thanks…


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