We’ve always said that people are the heart of UHN’s greening achievements…it’s not Energy & Environment recycling over 10,000 pounds of waste each and every day, it’s staff, volunteers, physicians, researchers and the many other people who make up the UHN community.  Which is why, Energy & Environment likes to spend our time with people. One way we do this is talking…and talking…and talking.  We talked directly to over 2,500 UHNers last year on everything from recycling and turning off the lights to sustainable purchasing and using less hazardous chemicals.  We present at the New Employee Orientation, we catch-up with all of our Housekeepers and Facilities staff, we huddle around sharps containers and garbage bins…it doesn’t matter when or where, we’re always ready to talk.

 And now, we’re taking our talk to a whole new level with the launch of the Energy & Environment eLearning module.  Available through UHN’s eLearning Centre , the module takes the best of our talking and lets staff access it at their convenience, be it middle of the day, or 2 in the morning,  to learn about all thing things UHN is doing to green itself and how they can join in.

 And perhaps best of all, with Energy & Environment’s eLearning module, you don’t actually have to listen to me talk…

Nice talkin’ to ya,