In honour of the planet that we currently live on UHN Green Team got together to spread some cheer.  I often hear that nobody recycles and for those who take the environment seriously it gets frustrating.  What they don’t realize is, the fact that they care is actually one of the main motivations for others to care.  So the Green Team came out this week to show all of UHN how much they care. Over 20 people volunteered their time to demonstrate recycling,  collect cell phones, sell raffle tickets and give away free green tea(m).  At the TWH the Kermit crew came out to host a delicious bake sale.  It was fun and it was informative.

There is little doubt that people value the environment, but does their behaviour always reflect their values?  No.  Do the same people who recycle at home recycle at work? Sometimes.  Do the same people who save energy at home, save energy at work? Sometimes. What is it about the commute that makes these people act differently in different locations?

Because Green Team members care, recycling and saving energy at work is swinging from the fringe to the mainstream.  Awareness is great but we need to push past that frontier and get to the heart of the matter.  Making change.  Individuals have to figure out what their personal motivator is.  What makes sense at home doesn’t always translate at work. 

Here is just a short list of motivators that I have heard from staff over the years.  What’s your?

  • it is the right thing to do
  • it will help my department save money
  • it is important to my friends at work
  • my office mate is on the green team
  • it is easy
  • it makes me feel good
  • I trust Ed and Kady

Find one small thing that you could do better for the environment and do it.  Despite the frustration that Green Team members share from time to time, we know UHN does care and now all we have to do is show it.