A Tale Of Two Greenings (all apologies to C. Dickens)

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at the Ontario Hospital Association’s annual Green Health Care Conference.  It was everything a good conference should be – strong attendance from both those in the health care sector as well as those employed in the business of greening, a variety of speakers and topics from hospitals telling their greening tales to experts talking about the greening of our food chain and purchasing pros talking about buying green, and a good lunch (I had the fish)…but best of all, there was excellent discussion and engagement, confirming yet again the potential and passion around greening health care.

Then, last weekend, I hopped on my bike and joined hundreds of other cyclists in an organized ride to show the possibilities around bike lanes running along Bloor Street.  It was a beautifully sunny day, my bike was freshly tuned-up…and when else would I get to pedal along Bloor faster than traffic and end with a picnic lunch at Queen’s Park (well, actually, most times I’ve ridden through the gridlock, it’s been faster than the traffic, but that’s another story…)?

Two very different events, but with a common theme (besides food, that is) – and a reminder that greening is not always trashy talk or radical change…sometimes it can be an idea, a good discussion…or even a bike ride on a sunny day.

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