Here at Energy and Environment, there are many aspects that we work on to keep UHN operating in an environmentally friendly manner. The most rewarding of theses is our engagement and awareness portion. We get the pleasure of meeting UHN staff, educating them about proper waste management and energy conservation and among other things, we encourage and support their green ideas. UHN staff are green supporters. We strive for “patient and planet center care” in our day-to-day duties, from joining the UHN Green Team to taking the time to sort our recyclables from garbage. We support environmental programs and initiatives; and we are participators in green activities that better our health and environment. As such, Energy and Environment is always on the lookout for activities and events where all UHN staff can be green, increase their environmental awareness and have fun all at the same time.

UHN has been participating in Pollution Probe’s Clean Air Commute since 2002 in record numbers. This year, close to 600 UHN employees participated in the 2011 Clean Air Commute, avoiding over 14 tonnes of pollutants from being released into the air. But besides being campaigners, we’re also fierce competitors- especially when prizes are up for grabs. All staff who participated in the event were entered into a draw for a chance to win great prizes. For the UHN-only draw of a bicycle, a winner was chosen randomly out of all UHN commuter log entries. Congratulations to Ms. Nadia Irish for winning the Mongoose Men’s 26″ Precision Bicycle.

Besides prizes for individual participation, Pollution Probe also awards companies as a whole for their participation in the Clean Air Commute event. When the event concludes, Pollution Probe ranks and chooses the top companies for employee participation in their staff-size category. UHN along with nine other companies were grouped in the over ‘5001 employees’ category. Even though we have been participating in the Clean Air Commute event since 2002 and even with many staff signing up, joining the Blue Crew and choosing greener commuting modes, sadly after 10 years we were still never winners in these competitions…till this year! With the reign handed over, I was the new Clean Air Commute coordinator and I was going to make sure that we showed our competitive side- no one can out ‘green‘…out ‘blue’ us!

UHN staff showed their support by participating and encouraging their colleagues to join the 2011 Clean Air Commute. UHN has won the award for Highest Workplace Participation rate in Category F (5001+ employees). Congratulations UHN! Our support of each other and of green initiatives have made us winners. This proves that UHN staff are not losers, we’re just slow winners.

On behalf of your 2011 Clean Air Commute coordinator (Reetu Gobardhan) and the rest of Energy and Environment, thank you UHN for your participation in the 2011 Clean Air Commute, allowing us to win our first award from Pollution Probe after ten years. For your continued support of green initiatives, thank you UHN, thank you!

Please click on the following link to read about UHN’s Clean Air Commute: Clean Air Commute (June 13 – June 19)- UHN staff show their blue side!