Life, in one way or another, is largely about stuff.  Back in the Cro -Magnon days, it was stuff like “do we have enough stuff to eat?” and “where can I get away from this wet, cold stuff falling from the sky?” that people worried about.  Later, we developed a whole new set-of stuff worries like “do I have the latest, greatest stuff?”, “where can I store all my stuff?” and “why do I always feel so stuffed?”  Most recently, questions of stuff have turned to topics such as “where is all of this stuff coming from, and how did it get here?” and “how is this stuff impacting the stuff I eat, drink and breathe?”

 Now this isn’t an anti-stuff rant…stuff can be great.  We have all kinds of wonderful stuff in healthcare that does great stuff like making people healthy, improving lives and that sort of stuff.  But it does seem, as of late, that we’re focussing more and more on the stuff itself rather than how that stuff really (and I mean really) affects our lives.

 Now, before you tell me to stuff it, ask yourself…

What if, instead of measuring the size, speed and quantity of our stuff, we measured the quality of stuff and how that stuff enriched our lives (Curb Your Enthusiasm on my teeny weeny laptop screen is just as funny…and infomercials don’t get any better with the home-theatre, surround sound experience)?

What if, instead of countries just measuring their Gross Domestic Stuff, we all did as Bhutan (go to Nepal, and hang a right…it’s just past the little appendix shape sticky-outey part of India) and took measure of our Gross National Happiness?

What if, instead of success being measured by stuff we collect on the outside we measured it by stuff we collect on the inside…you know, that warm fuzzy feeling?

What if we focussed on the stuff that really mattered and worried and consumed less of all that other stuff so that we can make sure that we can always get the good stuff…like the wonderful stuff we use in healthcare?

 Pretty heavy stuff, isn’t it?