Heidy ho, it’s election time again…and, as far as I see it, we either can gripe about going to the polls for the third time in a year, or we can look at other parts of the world and be thankful for being afforded the privilege of being able to select our government in a relatively civil manner. But here at Talkin’ Trash we seem to be caught up in the grip of election fever and have decided to throw our free-range hat into the campaign ring – we’re not sure what we’re running for, but we have a platform and, like any good campaigner, we have promises…boy, do we have promises!!!

First…our platform…our platform is an ISO 14001 based Environmental Management System, incorporating the key elements of Environmental Policy, Planning, Implementation & Operation, Checking and Management Review. Hmmm…maybe we’d have better luck if we gave it a fancy name, something like Greenbook, Forward. Greenly, or even Affordable Green.

Anyway, platform, schmatform – what about those promises? Well, if you choose the Energy & Environment department for whatever it is you’re choosing:

  • I promise to remind everyone that diapers, despite sometimes being “icky” (apologies for the spin) are not biomedical waste and do not need to be disposed of in yellow or red bags (every campaign needs a little dirt, doesn’t it?).
  • And I promise that, if we all stop throwing diapers in to yellow or red biomedical waste containers, that UHN will save money on biomedical waste disposal costs.
  • And I promise a free-range chicken in every pot. Well, no, I do not promise a free-range chicken in every pot, but I do promise a battery recycling drum in each hospital’s Receiving Dock, as well as stickers to label the containers used to collect batteries in every department. I also promise to remind people that batteries should be taken to our Receiving Docks, but not Medical Engineering, for recycling.
  • And Volunteer Resources promises that, as long as batteries are collected safely and in small containers that are not too heavy, they will help transport them from your department to our Receiving Docks.
  • And we promise to continue to work towards a Green Team in every department…because 300 Green Team members just ain’t enough.
  • And we promise to build on our award winning carpool program with a new campaign in the fall, which promises to save you money and many other good things when you join.
  •  And we promise to continue adding new places to lock bikes, building the legacy started by the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation’s support for new racks at PMH.
  •  And we promise that UHN will win the 2011 Clean Air Commute award for the highest workplace participation rate in a large organization (every campaign needs at least one promise for something that’s already been done, doesn’t it?).

Now long time readers of Talkin’ Trash know that we go to great lengths to remain non-partisan but to end our campaign, I thought it fitting to recycle recent words from one of our political leaders: “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.”

Happy voting, UHN…


Links To The Inside (only work on UHN network computer)

  • Okay – so we now know that icky diapers are not biomedical waste – but what is biomedical waste? Check out the Energy & Environment intranet site  for information on biomedical and other hazardous wastes.
  • Carpooling – it’s more than just a way to get your car clean. Learn more and join UHN’s Carpool Zone.
  • Walking – it’s good for you, it’s good for the environment and, if you “beat the bus” by walking between TWH and TGH, you can stop in Kensington Market for some empanadas. I mean fresh fruit. Check out the Wellness UHN Walking Club  and keep your eyes and feet peeled for their “Beat The Bus” campaign.

Okay – I’ve made my election promises and, on the chance that you’re looking for some why not:

Links To The Outside

  • Since energy, and it’s cost, seem to be an issue in our fair province, I thought it might be worthwhile to dig behind the rhetoric coming from all sides (too bad we can’t harness politi-thermal energy in the form of warmed air) and get the real scoop on Ontario energy prices. Okay, I didn’t find much in terms of easy to read websites and reports, but check out what the Ministry of Energy has to say on the matter.