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A commitment to cycling at UHN means adding more spaces for staff and visitors to park their rides.  PMH was in a bike parking deficit situation until the creative meeting of minds between Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Ride to Conquer Cancer and Energy and Environment saw a win, win, win before our very eyes.

PMH does not have any space for bikes – Enter Mt.Sinai our neighbour who has a little space to spare.

PMH does not have any money to pay for bike racks – Enter Ride to Conquer Cancer who has a little money to spare.

This innovative collaboration in addition to a specially obtained encroachment permit from the City of Toronto to install 24 new spaces right out front of the PMH building on University Avenue has resulted in 120 new spots for staff and visitors to use.

What a great example of how the PMH foundation can help to achieve green health care objectives and provide additional opportunities to meet donor needs.  This mutually beneficial project also helps to break the ice with our neighbours on future cycling related collaborations and is a very public display of support for cycling.  This directly relates to the day-to-day operations of the hospital because surveys tell us staff who bike to work demonstrate  increased productivity, wellness and job satisfaction.
We had to take this opportunity to eat cake and cut a bike chain to officially recognize the support of all the key players.
Special thanks to our leadership team who made the time to participate and demonstrate their support. 
Faye Montgomery – Acting Vice President, PMH
Jodi Butts – Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Operations, Mount Sinai
Steve Merker – Vice President – Business Development The Ride to Conquer Cancer, PMHF

Ride on PMH, Ride on!!