Check out Dave and the light switch spending a few special seconds together. Since everyone’s gone for the day, Dave gives a flick and turns off the lights on his way out. Way to save energy Dave! While he’s at it, he shuts down his computer and turns off the giant shared printer that no one’s using for the next 14 hours. With a little TLC he can help his whole department keep their resolution to Care to Conserve. If we all did it, we could save UHN 1 million bucks. Cough, splutter….a million bucks? Yup, that’s what we could save if we just cut down on our excess utilities. Dave can think of a lot of better ways to spend a million bucks than lighting up an empty room (visions of Tahiti dancing in his head…er, um, getting that new MRI or hiring all those nurses and doctors). And he found it all on the UHN intranet.