Revolution #18. Print Less Paper

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There’s Marco reading online instead of printing up a small forest worth of documents, meeting minutes and agendas. And look at the gorgeous and decluttered space he has since he no longer has to file all those piles…very Architechtural Digest. See how he sets his printer to double sided for the few things he still needs to print. Oh and there’s his boss smiling at the sweet budget savings on paper and toner. Marco loves saving paper so much, he found this UHN flyer to share with his workmates.  He was going to print it and post it for his department, but realizing the irony, decided to email it instead.

One thought on “Revolution #18. Print Less Paper

  1. Undoubtedly valuable information.. Thank you SO much… Will tell my friends about your site. I think more people should be informed on the tips to keep the environment safe. I can’t imagine how much paper is printed at a regular office.


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