Ever since I’ve been doing the greening thing here at UHN, I’ve always made a point of publishing the Energy & Environment annual report.  It’s a summary of sustainability actions over the previous year, a list of plans, hopes and dreams for the coming year…and a heck of a lot of work.

So much work that, as the end of each year looms, I start getting nervous and tingly at the thought of yet again having to write 30 or so pages of things green.  But then, as I get into it I think “hey, this isn’t so bad…actually…I kinda like it!”.  And then the report is done and published (electronically, that is…no printing being done here) and forgotten for another year…until it’s time for the next report and the tingling sets in again.

So this year, having just finished the 2011 report, I’ve come up with the top five reason why I actually kinda liked writing it… so that next time, I can avoid the tingling!

  1. Because it reminds me that, hey, we actually did something throughout the year.
  2. Because if we’re going to spend so much time collecting and crunching data, it’s nice to have somewhere to show it off…pretty graphs and all.
  3. Because if I need to know how much Toronto Western recycled in 2011 (25%) or what Toronto General’s energy use index was (2.45 GJ/m3), it’s easy to find.
  4. Because I would never be able to remember when the Cytology lab changed its Papanicolaou Stain Procedure and reduced water and chemical use by a ton in the process if I didn’t write it down somewhere.
  5. Because, where else could I write sentences like “The strategy builds upon the notion of organizational engagement and a goal of creating a culture of sustainability at UHN with support and leadership provided by Energy and Environment.”…and mean it!!!

 For those at UHN, get all the details on the intranet…for those outside, get in touch…

 Happy reading!