Sure, I’ve written about the important role that Nurses can and do play in bringing sustainability to healthcare…but aside from the occasional bandage on a scraped knee or a soothing icepack the morning after a particular intense hockey game, I’m probably the furthest thing possible from being a Nurse.

Which is why I’m thrilled when I hear Nurses themselves speaking about healthcare and the environment.

Any why I was doubly thrilled when I heard about the Luminary Project, which is dedicated to “Nurses lighting the way to environmental health”, and their Hollie Shaner–McRae Nursing Student Essay Contest.

And why I was thrilled beyond words when I found out that the 2012 winner of the Nursing Student Essay Contest, which was presented in May during CleanMed, was none other than Morgan Lincoln, a University of Toronto nursing student who has spent some time honing her nursing skills at our Princess Margaret Hospital, for her essay “Change is Possible: A Reflection on Environmental Health Advocacy in Nursing”.

Morgan, who is also President Elect of the RNAO’s Ontario Nurses for the Environment Interest Group (ONEIG), gives a brief overview of environmental health in nursing, and writes of her own experiences, bringing it all together with her concluding sentence:, “…nursing students play a special role in environmental health advocacy, and as such, should never underestimate the change they can help facilitate in the field.”

I’m thrilled – congratulations, Morgan!