Whoa…somehow the months of July and August have flown by, which means that looming just the other side of the long weekend is…BACK TO SCHOOL.  And even though I haven’t had to “back to school” for quite some time, there’s this odd little feeling I get in my belly as the Labour Day weekend approaches and the CNE air show thunders overhead.  But this year is going to be a bit different, as we at Energy & Environment have decided to put some of that end of summer energy to good use…and send our UHN colleagues back to back to school…sort of.

You see, for Energy & Environment, talking to people is a good thing.  We talk to people to tell them about all of the green programs available to them, like recycling, composting and our TLC-Care to Conserve energy management program, and we talk to people to see if they have any ideas on other sustainability initiatives we can bring to UHN.  All in all, we talk to over 2,500 UHNers a year.  Which is pretty good, if I may say…except when you realize that UHN has around 14,000 people in it…which means there are around 11,500 UHNers we’re not talking to.

What’s a department of 3.5 to do?  Why e-learning, of course.  You see, as much as we’d like to talk to all 14,000 UHNers directly, that wouldn’t leave a lot of time for other things like blogging, thinking, eating or sleeping.  So, starting this fall, Energy & Environment will be promoting its “UHN, the Environment, and You” module available on the hospital’s intranet…it’s a great way for us to keep people, especially those working the night shifts, up to date on UHN’s environmental programs at their own convenience, on their own time.  And now that we’ve added a bit of a quiz…it really will be a bit like back to school.