Carol Lopez
Carol Lopez

Remember way back when in the early-ish days of computers? Back before iThingies, Goobook (or Facegle, as the case may be), and OMGs? Back when apps where what you had before the main course?

Yah, me neither, which is why I was quite surprised when Carol, an Advanced Practice Nurse Educator in Toronto Western Hospital’s 9B inpatient unit, told me that she’d found not one, but two boxes of perforated computer paper (you know, one long sheet of paper with perforations in-between each page and those detachable holey thingies on the side to help feed the paper through the, get this, dot matrix, printer), with each box containing a whopping 2,200 sheets.

Now what would you do with such a find? Would you take it home for the kids to scribble on (at 4,400 sheets, that’s a whopping amount of scribbling)? Would you hide the box again and let someone else deal with it? Would you toss the whole whopping load into the recycling bin?

Well for Carol, the answer was “none of the above”. Instead she, along with Sylvia from Volunteer Services, detached the holey thingies, un-perforated the paper and, voila, found herself with a whopping 4,400 sheets of “free” paper. That’s 4,400 sheets of paper that won’t be wasted. That’s 4,400 sheets of paper that 9B won’t have to buy. And that’s just another small of example of the great things that so many do each and every day to help green UHN.

Thanks, Carol!