Over the last few weeks UHN has been rolling out various bits and pieces of its new brand, a process that started shortly after the University Health Network merged with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute in the summer of 2011 to form…the University Health Network.

The merger has also kept Energy & Environment busy. Fortunately, our strategic approach, where Energy & Environment empowers departments to green themselves instead of us doing the all work (as I blogged about a short time back) has allowed all 3.5 staff in our department to take on the task of integration without being overwhelmed by a wave of requests for recycling bins and “lights off” stickers. A lot of our work so far has been behind the scenes…meeting with Facilities and Environmental Services staff, auditing the energy and waste systems of the new buildings and, perhaps most importantly, talking to our new colleagues to get their greening thoughts. We’ve spoken with a lot of great people who have met us with enthusiasm, even some excitement, and collected a lot of good ideas as we put together our plans on how to best integrate the two organizations.

And now, it’s time for us to start to rolling out those plans. It won’t come with a lot of fanfare, there won’t be any grand proclamations, but rather a slow steady march – a recycling poster here, an LED there, a training session everywhere – as we continue to work with, share and learn from the great people who make up UHN…just as we’ve been doing all along.