image credit: Austrian Times

As it often happens when packing lunch for school or work, we try to ensure the contents don’t leak onto our bags, clothes or devices of choice. Now if one were to pack… say… a banana, how on earth could we wrap it? And the inconvenience of peeling those challenging fruits, one could easily break a nail! Luckily, the brilliant folks at an Austrian grocery store have pre-peeled and packaged these pesky bananas, in cellophane and styrofoam no less.

OK, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the banana already come in its own perfectly good and biodegradable wrapper? And last I checked, my 6 year old could peel one without using a knife, fork or can opener. So this store has decided to waste plastic, styrofoam and pointless hours of labour to rewrap something that already came with a far superior cover? Hunh? (pause for a second to imagine the poor store clerk stuck doing such a thankless task, eyes fixed in a perpetual roll). In a stroke of irony even we couldn’t make up, this same grocery store’s slogan urges customers to use “common sense”. I love it when they write their own punchlines ;-).