Lisa Vanlint & Lucy Robinson

Sometimes it’s nice to get a little pat on the back. The Recycling Council of Ontario (RCO) knows this tidbit and hosts a whole glamourous Gala Event to celebrate everyone’s efforts to reduce our waste. Forget about the Oscars, Emmy’s or Tony’s…this is THE red carpet event of the season (OK, the carpet was more industrial grey than red, and the venue was more eco-friendly conference centre than Kodak/Nokia Theatre).

The RCO gathers up oodles of organizations across Ontario, big and small, public and private, and doles out some shiny awards to thank us for last year, and inspire us for next year. We get to hear about the great successes out there so we can follow their lead, and lead others to follow.

And in the category of Communications across Ontario, the winner of the Silver goes to…(sharp intake of breath, fingers drumming nervously)…University Health Network! It seems all this blogging, the newsletters, posters, training, events and presentations earned us a little kudos. As an extra happy-bonus, the award was presented by an old friend from my university dorm that I haven’t seen in decades (further proving the world is not only precious, but extremely tiny too).

One highlight was the art award that went, very deservingly, to the reCYCLEr. I particularly loved how he turned used bicycle parts into tables, trays, and urban antlers. His motto sort of says it all… “Recycle. Reuse. Relax.”. And while you relax, you can try his bottle opener, also made from recycled bicycle chains.

One gala guest should have perhaps relaxed himself a little less. A surprise stage crasher ranted in beverage-fuelled frustration on his tennants’ inabilities to sort their recycling. But, I digress (and so did he). This did not detract from the night at all, nor all of the fabulous folks who made it possible and meaningful. All the best nights need a little drama.   

So practice your 3R’s…it’s the latest fashion to hit the red/industrial grey carpet.