Hi All,

Like lots of other things today in the wake of storm Sandy, this session has been postponed 😦 .

So sorry for those looking forward to it. 


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Confession time…at first I was afraid, I was petrified (points if you recognize the song). A few years ago, I thought people who rode their bikes in the city were crazy to pedal without full body armor and a security escort. Now, unless it’s raining heavily or snowing, I hop on my bright red beater bike and make my way to UHN every day, all-year-round. Commuting by bike is not only fantastic for the air you breath, but for your lung capacity to breath it in the first place. For my particular route, it’s also the fastest way to get here. Join me and the Wellness team on Tuesday October 30 for Bike Safety Lunch & Learn. This 1 hour lunch ‘n learn will take you through some of the basics…rules, clothes, gear, and strategy. By the end, you’ll know how to share the road with the big trucks using just the right level of confidence and caution. Now, if this is a little preaching to the choir, please forward this invitation to your UHN friends and colleagues that aren’t quite as sure-footed (sure-pedaled?) as you.

When:  Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where:  TGH, RFE 2S-401

Time:  12-1pm

Cost: FREE!

eLearning Course Code: uhuhwo016i (please register through elearning, though it’s a live event).

For those  interested in a bike safety course outside UHN, try the City of Toronto CAN-BIKE courses http://www.toronto.ca/cycling/canbike/index.htm

Happy trails!