Energy Planning All Dressed

There’s a saying that should you be overcome by a bout of nerves when speaking publically, you should imagine your audience in their underwear.  That’s all well and good, but having participated for the first time as a speaker in a webinar I was having a hard enough time imagining the audience, let alone their undergarments.

Last Wednesday Alan from the Ministry of Energy, Shona from IndEco and I teamed up with the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) to present “Hospital Energy Planning Requirements: Under Regulation 397/11 of the Green Energy Act”.  All hospitals in Ontario know (or should know) about the Green Energy Act, and those hospitals should also know that Regulation 397/11 under the act requires hospitals to develop energy plans.  The webinar, delivered to a fully clothed camera, discussed how energy plans can (and in my humble opinion should) go well beyond just a simple of list of energy saving opportunities to be a vision and roadmap of energy performance.  Energy plans can (and should) integrate all aspects of energy management, from dry things like policy, to dynamic things talking and engaging people about energy and, yes, even those lists of energy saving opportunities.  Plans should be flexible and scalable, inclusive and comprehensive and perhaps most important of all, specific to the unique setting found in each hospital.

And the key, essential, crucial and #1 important point for a successful energy plan?  Why, stay tuned to the OHA’s on-demand broadcast page to view a fully clothed video of the session, coming soon…

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