Funny thing happened when I got to work this morning…I looked at my calendar and saw that, somehow, it’s already mid-December with the start of a new year only a couple weeks away. Why, it seems like only eleven months ago that we were counting down our New Year Greening Revolutions.

Hard to imagine that back in February, we celebrated love and carpooling  to go along with cycling  and other clean commuting activities and contests… remembering to take the time to learn what some of the leading hospitals are doing around sustainable transportation.  Not to mention taking the time to hear what other leaders are doing around sustainability in general.

Of course, we celebrated our successes – Nurses, cool white roofs, the shutting of sashes, compost, saving paper, saving more paper and our Waste Minimization Award from the Recycling Council of Ontario , complete with recognition from the Minister of the Environment.

And we celebrated the Earth – with an hour, a day  and by getting down and dirty and planting in it.

And for good measure, we threw in a bunch of random things, like the Higgs boson, reusing stuff, Lonesome George, the last of his kind, the absurdity of pre-peeled and plastic wrapped bananas and even a bit of Gangnam style.

We said hello and then bye to Kyle (here for a good time, not a long time), had Songyang join our team and welcomed back Kady.

And we head into 2013 looking forward to another great year of greening and blogging…

On behalf of UHN’s Energy & Environment department, a happy, safe and green holiday season to all!