Revolutions 2013, the Planet gets Personal

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So here we are, a brand spanking new year upon us (nuts to you, Mayan Apocalypse, which was less “Aaaah! Apocalypse!” and more “I guess we need to carve a new calendar, this time with kittens on it!”). Now that we’ve stepped firmly into 2013, many of us enter the Resolution Zone, where we promise ourselves that we’ll finally do the thing we meant to last year, and the year before that, and oh…since grade 9 really.

 We’re going to look at the whole resolution mania, and try and go small, medium and big picture i.e. give it a bit of a personal, local and global outlook (and it doesn’t get bigger picture than the planet…well, unless you talk about the solar system, galaxies and whole universe). For this year’s New Year’s Revolutions (our version of resolutions), instead of doing daily updates like last year, we’re going to keep one of our promises, and not clutter up your screens. We’ll do one major theme per week in January, and stick to the biggies. Think you know the most common, I-swear-I’ll-finally-do-it resolution? Stay tuned till next week (oooh, the suspense!).

We here at Talkin’ Trash are not immune to these kind of personal promises, and actually think it’s a great thing. Why not try and do something better? This may just be the year, with a little planning and effort, that it finally sticks.

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