Before I get to the really good news…a requisite Happy 14th of February!

About 13 years ago we started a greening program at UHN. We work in 6 main topic areas…who can name them all without looking?

  • waste reduction and recycling
  • energy and water conservation
  • sustainable transportation
  • toxic use reduction
  • green building and construction
  • green purchasing

We train 3000 people face-to-face every year. Because staff get it, we recycle 40% of our 22,000 pounds of trash everyday.  Even though we grow and grow and grow we continue to conserve energy which translates to 1,000,000‘s of dollars in avoided costs.  We have 600 Green Team members makin’ it real across all of our hospital sites

Although we often think we are on the right track – like when they stopped serving bottled water 3 years ago with all catering and switched to reusable pitchers.  I was like “Ed, no more bottles? That is awesome. No more transporting water that flows freely from taps, no more heaps of plastic destined to be recycled and people get to drink fresh water.”  Ed was like, ” Yeah I know, cool.”

But, we never really got to hear how excited everyone else was about this ambitious switch….

….until last week….

….when we launched our first ever UHN wide uber comprehensive Energy and Environment staff survey. I don’t want to spoil any results because the survey is open until Tuesday February 19th,  but I just want to let you know that UHN staff do care and over 1700 completed surveys have been submitted!

I am working very hard not to look at the results obsessively and compulsively every 10 minutes.

But when I do, I will know more about what we are doing and what staff think about it then I ever hoped or dreamed would be possible.

Here’s to the next 13 years making UHN greener than ever.