…at least according to the recent results of our UHN wide Energy and Environment survey.  Of the close to 2000 respondents a full 99% reported that they believe in the Energy and Environment programs that we sustain and maintain. What a relief, all this time I thought it was tricky to get people to recycle and turn off the lights. Looks like all we have to do is quickly align values with behaviour and voila – Sustainable UHN.

Some of the other gems gleaned from the survey also made me smile, because maybe we don’t have as much work to do as I thought…at least if people do what they say they are going to do.

90% of staff reported that they are extremely or very familiar with recycling. You said it UHN and I know you can do it. Let’s crack that 40% recycling rate barrier and get to 50% this year. You said it and I believe it!

82% of you said you turn lights off everyday. Keep it up UHN, you said it and I know you can do it. Let’s get that $550,000 savings from lights that we believe are still out there. So everyone, lights off, everyday, GO!

According to you, we are doing great at telling ourselves we are doing great. So say it out loud, give your colleagues a high five, because you are all awesome. Keep saying it and keep doing it. Maybe it is that easy to align values with behaviour after all. At least 99% of us are willing to try.