The cosmos is a complex place and I can not promise to tackle the ultimate question of life the universe and everything…this week, anyway. If an answer is required urgently please review the preeminent source: Adams, Douglas. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 1979.

This week, Energy Matters. I had the pleasure of participating on a panel tasked with elevating the importance of workplace energy management programs that count employees. An often under-rated, under-appreciated element of successful change.

Many have seen engaged employees accelerate and amplify a good cause. So why so difficult to count these changes? What is good behaviour worth? Well, if you are staff at UHN it is worth $550,000 in utility savings. That is the tune our senior executive is singing this week with the launch of Operation TLC.

Energy experts (our staff volunteers) throughout the organization will anchor good energy behaviour for their colleagues.  Feedback will come from management and peers. For the first time we will all be part of a “lights off” culture echoed in actions across all departments and celebrated often.

If all goes according to plan, TLC will look something like this:

  • staff speaking up about energy issues
  • management making time for staff to speak up
  • staff feeling a sense of pride and perhaps a small amount of joy to work in a place where energy matters
  • the 97% of our staff who have already told us that “energy conservation is important to me” will be able to align their values with their behaviour
  • people will feel weird when unessential lights, computers and equipment are left on
  • utility spending goes down so patient care can benefit

Without doubt, energy is gonna matter this week.  So, next week I can do that difficult stuff like answer the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.