Energy Conservation is very serious stuff. TURN OFF lights in vacant rooms and your workspace because turning off lights Saves Lives.  Serious, serious, serious. True, true, true.

Turning off lights and cutting back on excess electricity consumption is a good way of reducing air pollution emitted by coal fired power plants – a major source of smog and greenhouse gases in Ontario. According to the Ontario Medical Association, air pollution in Ontario leads to 17,000 hospital admissions and 60,000 emergency room visits every year. So next time you leave your workspace, a vacant room or a shared space, turn off the lights to save lives and protect the environment.

One special department at UHN is taking this very seriously.  We have gathered together all our seriousness and have honoured them the best way we know how…with a “golden light switch” of course.


In 2008 the brave people of Pathology agreed to be part of our new energy management program called Operation TLC – a UHN wide effort to change the culture from “lights on” to “lights off”. 6 months after that they saved 10% of their excess energy and saved $2500 in utilities.  Today we have seen the difference that energy experts like Ana Baptista and Dr. Rasmus Kiehl can make to change a department.  Thank you Pathology you are working together to consistently save excess energy bringing us closer to our goal to reduce energy consumption UHN wide by $2.35 million this year.IMG_5082