The youngest member of the Energy and Environment family turns 6 today.  It was a hot August morning in 2007 when a bundle of TLC joy hatched amongst friends in a meeting room at Toronto Western Hospital.

Those toddler years were busy. Piloting new strategies in clinical work environments, talking to building operators and making their ideas count, retrocommissioning for optimal building efficiency, performing audits for potential big scale energy savings and setting the foundation for our emerging “lights off” culture. Quite a lot for a little tyke.

Quick as a flash our little TLC turned 3 years old and started tackling; integrated energy management plans, surveying 1000s of people interviewing 100s, translating the principles of social marketing from a public health context to an environmental sustainability one, sharing case studies and success stories nationally, promoting lessons learned internationally, opening two-way communication between staff about energy conservation and setting a tangible energy savings goal.

My, how far little TLC has come. 6 years old today and so much to be proud of.

  • Heading toward a an energy savings goal this year of $2.35 million in utilities
  • Working one-on-one with over 100 energy experts (staff volunteers) around UHN who are making energy conservation matter in their departments
  • Providing context for the work of 3 engineers dedicated to energy techno fixes around UHN
  • Turning heads of VPs across the organization who started asking for monthly updates about the little peanut in May 2013
  • And possibly the largest example of a staff led movement based entirely on intrinsic motivation to help reduce costs and protect the planet with the flick of a switch

My dear TLC we are very proud of you, Happy Birthday.