gold and proud
gold and proud

I have known Ana for several years. She works in the Cytogenetics Lab at TGH. She is the very first winner of the Golden Light Switch trophy for her ongoing commitment to energy efficiency through Operation TLC. Lots of people love Ana. Here are some reasons, in her own words, why you should too!

One day all the unnecessary lights will be off at UHN. I think it will take some time but I have no doubt that day will come.  I imagine we will be an organization that takes a broad approach to healthcare. Taking the best care of patients, also taking care of the environment and being responsible for all the resources we use.  In my image of the future, all staff at UHN will feel good about the accomplishments of Operation TLC and will consistently look for new ways to protect the environment while providing excellent patient care. UHN will be an example to other organizations and we will help them implement similar programs.

But why Ana?

Any type of waste reduction is very important to me, at home, at work, anywhere.  I  always try to be aware of how limited our resources are, in terms of environment and money. Saving energy at UHN, in particular, is a win-win solution. We are reducing pollution and we are using taxpayers money on better patient care.  At the end of the day turning off lights and unessential devices really has the potential to save lives. A healthy environment causes less disease and a better world for our children.  This is the right thing to do. That’s my motivation to conserve energy at work.

Is TLC helping you?

By being part of Operation TLC I am making a bigger contribution to our organization, outside of my work in the Cytogenetics Lab. It is being able to express my love and respect for nature at work. It is having the things I believe in, in complete harmony with UHN’s mission. Saving energy is very important to me and makes a lot of sense.  It takes smart and “outside of the box” thinking, it takes courage to start and team work to make it happen.  In the end we are creating global impact, and those are all things we belive in at UHN.

Thank you Ana, thank you!