Braaaaaaaaaaaavo! Radiation Medicine Program at Princess Margaret you are doing your part and then some to make sure UHN is a “lights off” kind of place.  You have been with me on the TLC journey since the very beginning and have always found ways to do more and do better.  Off the hop you were able to save 30% of your excess electricity use and you are well on your way to 40%.  A humble Energy Expert might come to one of your team and say; Lue-Ann, Fatima, Veng, Susan, Kim, Pat, Biu, Sarin, Fe, Andrea, Allan, Bern, Graham, Marco, Tim, James, Alex, Colleen, Grace, Heather, Kitty, Laxmi, Lily, Patricia, Renata, Sherrill, or Vickay; “how do you do it?” And someone from the team will answer.


Scan the environment for excess electricity, find solutions with the team, make it public, make it easy, use social connections to make it popular and celebrate!

high 5 RMP

Celebrate did they just say celebrate? Ok. Done. Congratulations RMP you are the proud stewards of the coveted Golden Light Switch for your ongoing commitment to the environment, demonstrating your leadership and all your energy conservation successes!!!

Lue-Ann and GLS