Talkin’ Seriously Social Trash



In the beginning there was the blog, and the blog was good (at least in our humble opinions). Then the world spawned a vast array of Tweets and Likes, Finds and Follows, Shares and Pluses, all to edify, delight and distract us. So we started talking some seriously social trash too. We found that some of our followers had something pretty spectacular to say. 

It turns out, a lot of folks plugged into social sites are more likely to be environmentally conscious. On the other side of the non-toxic lead-free locally-forged coin, the already eco-chic use these sites to spread ideas and get active. So if this sounds like you, let’s be friends and have a 2-way conversation, or 3 or 4.

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And to see the power of sharing and the ripple effect, Recyclebank did a pretty snazzy infographic (which we’ll share with you, cuz that’s how we play):

image Credit: Recyclebank

image Credit: Recyclebank

Socially yours,

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