The Polar Vortex, Climate Change & Beet Juice

image credit: Greg Laden

image credit: Greg Laden

I was all set to talk about New Year’s Revolutions (our extra awesome take on New Year’s Resolutions), but can’t get past the frostbite in my pinky fingers, nose and toes. Damn Polar Vortex! Speaking of, I’ve heard a lot of chatter and confusion about how this whole thing works. With global warming, why is it so toe-numbingly cold? In a 7 minute nutshell, we have the Arctic Vortex /Polar Vortex / extreme effing cold explained by two experts in the field. Rutgers University’s Jennifer Francis and Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters delve into climate change, jet streams and the polar vortex. 

And if you’re noticing that salting your walkway is doing less than nothing, time to use beets for more than a yummy soup. Who knew a nice natural beet juice concoction beats salt in these extreme temperatures? Today, City of Toronto salt trucks will be spraying beet juice instead (please refrain from licking roads in hopes of a tasty borscht snow-cone). Salt kicks out at -20 c, but molasses made from sugar beets works till -32 c.  Let’s hope we don’t need to find out what to do for -33 c. Stay warm!

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