Last week, we chatted about clearing the air with good choices, which leads us shockingly well into this week, Carpool Week. It’s like we planned it or something! For those worried about trash talkin’ at Talkin’ Trash, relax and breathe easy; SOV means Single Occupancy Vehicle.

Carpool-Patricia Hall, Nayana Sondi, Isobel Anderson
UHN Carpool-Patricia Hall, Nayana Sondi, Isobel Anderson, photo by Jessica Verhey

We’re here to help you go from SOV to HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle), especially from Feb 3-9. But how to start? If only there were a way to link people who live near each other, work near each other and even have the same hours? Enter Smart Commute , an amazing place to find your new best friend…or at least someone to shoulder half the cost of gas and parking. If you really pack your car, costs drop like Black Friday. Imagine you carpool with three people, like Patricia, Nayana and Isobel do. The $300 you might spend on gas and parking just to get to work every month turns into…poof…$100. That’s $200 extra dollars in your pocket. Over a year, that’s $2,400, enough for a sunny beach vacation. Ahh, sunny beaches…

Via Rail is kicking it up a notch to get you started. Register or log in to during Carpool Week (Feb. 3 – 9), and you could win a trip for two in business class to Quebec City.

Three simple steps and you’re entered to win!

1. New to Carpool Zone? Create a free account. Old? Log in to your existing account at

2. Create a quick profile

3. Click and find your matches

(and if you’re at UHN and want to access the Rockstar parking near the entrance, see our intranet instructions)

Want more proof that 2, 3 or 4 is better than 1? Check out Lisa, Rina and Kissmah. They’re not just smiling cuz it’s the end of day on Friday (though they are and it was)…

carpool-Lisa Austin Rina Finnegan Kissmah Alzaidi
UHN Carpool-Lisa Austin Rina Finnegan Kissmah Alzaidi, photo by Jessica Verhey

Finally, please make sure you’re clear on the concept of carpooling (thanks for this one, Graham Wilson)


Also on the climate champion books this week is National Sweater Day on Feb 6, by WWF. How does wearing a sweater fit in to clearing the air? If you turn down your thermostat 2 degrees, then wear a sweater so you’re comfy, you’ll save a lot of energy. When you and your neighbour and your uncle’s cousin all turn down your thermostats, we all use less, and don’t create as many nasty chunky-style emissions to heat our homes. Argyle, pullover, cardigan or turtleneck, it’s just better in a sweater.

Sweater Day by WWF

Happy and cosy trails :-).