Since the Golden Light Switch tour started in 2013 we have seen amazing contributions to Energy Conservation at UHN from the efforts of our talented staff volunteers – Energy Experts.  Most recently Hilary Bayliss and Katrina Scholtissek at Toronto Western Hospital, Respiratory Therapy have made a monumental contribution.  They have taken note of excess electricity and done something about it.  Not the least of which was getting a light switch installed in a room that had  had lights on for the last 25 years.  More years then my interns have been old.  Congratulations Respiratory Therapy – you are breathing life into TLC, making energy conservation normal and easy to do.  You, more then any others know that every breath counts. Taking a second to see the excess and then one more second to do something about it is what it is all about.

The Golden Light Switch is proudly making her new home on a respirator for the next few months.

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