We love volunteers. Without them, UHN would cease to function as the amazing place for patient care that it is … and birds would stop chirping, dogs would stop fetching, and cats would stop starring in crazy youtube videos. Toronto Rehab Institute has quite a few of them (volunteers, not cats), with 450 new ones signing up every year.

Kelly Campbell Save Paper
Kelly Campbell Save Paper

In days of yore, each new volunteer would get a ginormous packet of information printed out lovingly on stacks of paper . . . at least 40 sheets of the tree-crushing stuff.

Along came Kelly Campbell, Program Coordinator for Volunteer Services, Toronto Rehab Institute. When she found out about the UHN Green Team, she joined up (Yay!). The first thing she noticed was this crazy amount of paper used all the time. A quick scan of the 40 sheets and 450 volunteers meant a frightening 18,000 sheets of paper every year! If only there were a way to save this paper, yet allow new volunteers to read the important information.

Aha! Computery thingie to the rescue! Kelly transferred the training documents to PDF and now sends them electronically. She offers a printed version for those who need it, but since making this change she’s had exactly zero requests. We like that number. It’s round.

Congratulations to Kelly Campbell, our latest green team member on the Green Wall of Fame! She’s also the first on the wall from Toronto Rehab Institute, our newest UHN family. By making a simple but effective change to her every-day work, she’s made UHN a greener place.

Thanks Kelly!