Today I am going to talk about my dear friends at the Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care. I have been working with them as a volunteer for the last 12 years…as a student…as a young professional and now as a slightly grey professional.  You know, you do find what you are looking for, and I was lucky to find the CCGHC. wesupportgreen Not just an outstanding bunch of people to work with but so many important projects too.  In 2013 we worked hard on energy efficiency, conservation  and greenhouse gas reduction strategies for health care.  We were the only group in Canada researching  climate change resiliency and developed a useful tool kit for health care.  We have collaborated extensively in the area of healthy food for health care, all the while building the greenest health care system in the world…yep the world!

We have always tried to collaborate across the country but this year we have hit the ground running. Chances are you haven’t heard but our new board was announced at the AGM on March 27, 2014 and we have representation from coast to coast , mostly health care but a little non profit, government and business membership too.  Drum roll please…

  1. Mauricio Acosta, Lower Mainland Facilities Management, BC – Health care
  2. Allen Bridge, Alberta health Services, AB – Health care
  3. Reynold Peters, Southern Health-Sante Sud, MB – Health care
  4. Kady Cowan (aka: me), University Health Network, ON – Health care
  5. Ron Durocher, Windsor Regional Hospital, ON – Health care
  6. Jessica Heiss, The Ottawa Hospital, ON – Health care
  7. Jane Pryor, Capital District Health Authority, NS – Health care
  8. Kate Butler, FacilicorpNB, NB – Government
  9. Jerome Ribesse, Synergie Sante Environnement, QC – Non Profit
  10. JJ Knott, Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society, ON – Non Profit
  11. Peter Rowles, ICF Canada, ON – Business

We are going to be busy; enabling change makers to green health care in Canada; and making sure our main resource driver takes green savings and reinvests them back into green impact. Easy right?

Good thing the 11 of us are on board, so we can evenly distribute  the (well earned) grey hairs among us.