oooo la la I think we have a match.

Aren’t they cute? They compliment each other so nicely.

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How many times have you thought about reducing, reusing, downsizing? I read a great quote this week in story from TreeHugger Living with Less in a Small Space  “I’d never want to think that my own belongings forced me out of my beloved house”.  I too have experienced attack of the toy box. Lucky for you folks at home, Toronto Environmental Alliance has just launched Waste Free Toronto. Do it…I am, and I just found out my household produces 2 cubic meters of trash a year!!!

Back on the ranch I would hate to have a clinic visit postponed or cancelled because equipment or tests or paper work was lost in the clutter.  You know who else would hate for that to happen, Accreditation Canada.  That is why they require hospitals to be clean and clutter free.  The best way to reduce clutter is evaluate your needs and get rid of what is no longer useful.   UHN has tools like See it Shine and the Virtual Swap Room. Or as we like to say in Energy and Environment “buy less garbage”.  As I like to say at home ” upcycle”.

upcycle 1 upcycle 2 upcycle 3















And this is how less waste met energy conservation.  We produce lots of stuff (manufacturing energy), ship stuff far and wide (transportation energy), store stuff (more process energy), use stuff (ah the point of stuff), then toss stuff out (more transportation energy, disposal energy and lots of other energy in the handling of trash).  So there you have it less waste and energy conservation are meant to be.


Don’t take my word for it Edward Humes wrote a whole book on it Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash.

Another little booklet you might be interested in sharing with the youngins in your life Consume This: Buying That Matters.