This may come as a surprise to some of you, but believe it or not, life here at Energy & Environment isn’t all fun and games, you know.  Sure we get to read and talk about exciting things like the end of civilization as we know it, or how species are becoming extinct at a faster rate than ever before…but sometimes, well, we have to turn our thoughts to topics more mundane.

Take this edition of Talkin’ Trash, for example…we need to talk about…food.

Credits: Cleber Mori/Flickr through a Creative Commons license
Credits: Cleber Mori/Flickr through a Creative Commons license

Yawn…how much more un-exciting could one get?  I mean it’s the human equivalent of charging up your batteries…and you don’t read too many posts about the joys of plugging in your iThingie, do you?  I don’t know about you, but I can barely remember the taste of those roasted potatoes I had in that little spot just off the Plaka in Athens 20 years ago…the olive oil and lemon juice dancing on the tip of my tongue, the rosemary and thyme adding a hint of herby sweetness…it’s but a blur these days.  And all that anticipation of the first explosion of sweetness and juice when you bite into a fresh Ontario free range anchovy just off the vine…who needs it?

So instead of me talking about food, I’m going to fall back to the age old trick of deferring and deflecting…and asking you to talk about food.

More local offerings in hospital food to be exact.

You see, Energy & Environment has teamed up with ELLICSR, the health, wellness, and cancer survivorship centre located at TGH, and UHN Nutrition Services…and thanks to a grant from the Greenbelt Fund, a non-profit organization that supports local Ontario agriculture, we’re going to take on the big question as to what are some of the obstacles that might be keeping us from providing more local food to patients.  And because I really don’t like talking about food, especially those empanadas in Kensington Market, poor Adeline, UHN’s Food Project Coordinator, now has to find other people to talk about food.

Which is why she’s asking everyone to sign up for the Talkin’ Food Team.

Right now, Adeline is collecting names of people interested in talkin’ food, but come July, with the launch of our on-line idea crowdsourcing forum (which is different from crowd surfing, as I found out), she’s going to want your thoughts and ideas on all things food.

And because the more ideas there are, the tastier the project becomes, Adeline is also asking that people talk about talkin’ food, and pass the link to the Talkin’ Food Team sign-up ( to anyone inside and outside UHN who might be interested in joining the meal…I mean joining the conversation.

And while I’d like to continue to talk you into talkin’ about food, I must be off…it’s time to recharge my batteries…thin slices of Ontario Parmesan on fresh baked Red Fife bread (thick sliced) with homemade hummus and Ontario cucumbers (skin on).  I know, I know…boring.