We have been planning and doing, and planning and doing more for over 15 years here at Energy and Environment. In 2008 we published our first Energy Management Plan because it was a smart thing to do.  This year, this week actually we published an updated plan because it is a smart thing to do and the Provincial Green Energy Act asked us to.

So get your local strawberries, sip on some Ontario wine or beer or apple juice, download the plan and read everything UHN is doing for the next 5 years to conserve energy, be more efficient and basically make the world a better place.

The plan is conveniently divided into ongoing, near term and long term measures. With all ideas dropped into one of four categories


  1. demonstrate organizational commitment
  2. monitoring and tracking
  3. culture, awareness and behaviour change
  4. opportunity identification and implementation

Thanks to the whole Energy and Environment team, staff from facilities and infrastructure too, who all took time to bring ideas forward to include in this plan.

So just in case you are anxious to do more planning…updates are due in 2019.