Have you heard the new buzz word?

Idea crowdsourcing has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. People describe it as relying on the wisdom of the crowd to create innovation or solve complex, systemic challenges.  Crowdsourcing, in its broader definition, has been used in healthcare to  gather data from high volume of patients, to envision hospitals of the future, or to fund research projects. This summer, we are using crowdsourcing to identify creative solutions that will help us overcome the main challenges in providing local Ontario food to UHN patients. 

Am I hearing some of you shying away? No worries. We’re not looking for the one person that will give us a silver bullet. The goal is to bring in ideas and perspectives from across and beyond UHN (staff, patients, visitors, the larger community), identify the many angles we could start tackling the topic from, and find actions reaching enough momentum to get championed across the organization. 

Feel better? Have a look at the Talkin’ Local Food website, read how it work, and sign up. This is how the website looks like:

talkin' local food website


We have 3 challenges for you to discuss over the next 2 months.

  1. What are your soothing foods when sick or injured?  One of the challenges of serving food in Toronto hospital is the extreme diversity of food preferences and needs. Share your stories about your soothing food. Read more
  2. How might we change the way staff think of food in patient care?  This is a biggie. We want to hear what it would take to raise the profile of hospital food, develop a food culture and help food be seen as part of recovery. Read more
  3. How might we use local food to generate revenue? Even though we acknowledge that local food brings opportunities for cost savings (waste reduction for example) we also recognize that we will need investments to make this viable in the long term. Let’s use our collective creativity to identify ways to generate money with local food. Read more

Do you feel inspired?… Great! I’ll see you on Talkin’ Local Food then


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