Wagon Hitch, Active Switch

Wagons can be pretty comfortable, what with the dozen cupholders, bluetooth devices (blueteeth devices?), and mystery pockets that store sunglasses and secret candy stashes. But these wagons tend to chomp up and spew forth some pretty precious carbon-based resources. As each one vies for road space behind another wagon, and another and another, they crawl to halt. Being stuck in traffic makes some of the strongest-willed folks frustrated to the point of tears (and candy stash raids).

image credit: the Urban Country dot com

image credit: the Urban Country dot com

There is a better way, staring right back at you from below your desk. If you live reasonably close to work, put your feet on the street, strut your butt, and and get psyched to bike. These are just some of the active ways to get around which help you and the environment in baby steps and giant leaps, depending on your pace. I may choose more sensible shoes, but each to their own.

image credit: KariPatterson dot com

image credit: KariPatterson dot com

For every positive behavior change, there is a contest, and UHN participated in a pretty good one. Smart Commute’s Active Switch Challenge is a game promoting a healthy lifestyle though commuting by good old fashion people power. The special challenge was July 14-20, though there are monthly prizes all year round so you can play anytime (if your employer joined Smart Commute).

Active Switch Challenge Ebanner - 600x200px (Workplace)

How did we do? Pretty well, it turns out. We scored second highest out of all organizations from Smart Commute Toronto Central, Etobicoke South, and Scarborough. There were 123 new sign-ups that week. UHN staff walked or cycled a total of 5,319.34 km collectively, and avoided a total of 988.6 kg of GHGs. That’s a good reason to breath easy and celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating, there’s tons on offer for cyclists, walkers and runners at UHN and around the city. The running club scaddadles outta the Wellness Centre on Tuesdays at 5 pm. If running is not your speed (literally), there are a ton of walking challenges you can try on your lunch, or after work. If you want to get your hands dirty, we have some Bike Maintenance Sessions  at 3 locations this July and August.

Who knew that there’s even a whole night time scene in the cycling community, complete with glittering, glowing bikes? As the music thumps, crowds cycle from dance destination to dance destination across the GTA. Sound scintillating? Then the Toronto Bike Rave is for you, complete with a synchronized, downloadable playlist.

Image Credite: Bike Pirate Rave

Image Credite: Bike Pirate Rave

Spin and sashay actively on,


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